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About CannaData

CannaData provides software and data solutions for the Cannabis industry. Our software gives you all the tools you need to grow your business. We provide consumers with a streamlined shopping experience, budtenders with a simple-to-use interface, and managers with high-quality analytics.


Our software is secure, compliant, and easy to use.

  • Secure and Metrc compliant

    Each client receives a separate virtual private cloud. We are licensed by Metrc, which enables our software to automate most Metrc related tasks.

  • Simple

    Our software is simple to use and install. We can set everything up, and train your staff in 24 hours.

  • Increase Sales

    Take orders online with an automated menu on your webpage. Optimize your pricing and inventory with analytics. CannaData lets you process more sales faster.


Our software provides all the tools you need to run your dispensary.

  • Easy Patient Signup and Checkin

    Signup new customers paperlessly in under two minutes. Check-in returning customers instantly.

  • Interactive

    Send targetted SMS, and email deals to increase sales, and improve customer retention.

  • Analytics

    High-quality reports, and consumer surveys let you optimize inventory and pricing. Knowing more about your customer means you can anticipate trends in sales, rather than reacting to them.

  • Customization

    Work with our designers, and programmers to tailor our software to your business's unique needs.

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